Blame It On The Rain

I think I've managed to overcome this week's crisis. It was helpful to take a step back and look at my work habits, which are nonexistent. The way I used to have an actual schedule dictated by my daughter's school hours, the isolation of the French countryside and maybe the fact that it's rained every day for the last year all add up to leave me constantly reaching for the internet like it was alcohol or comfort food (which I usually manage to hold off on until at least, umm, after five PM). I have to keep better track of the things I want to do, and trawling around online comes after. If it was only so simple. But at least I've got time management as my number one priority now, when I can get around to it.

We've had sun and blue skies for almost three whole days, and yesterday I finally managed to cut a springtime's worth of grass and weeds in the garden. So with the smug self-satisfaction that comes after only very occasional hard physical labor, I'm writing again. Without guilt!