I Think We're In England

It looks like London here - cold, grey and drab. But two kids wearing Halloween costumes just came into the internet cafe where I'm sitting. For a second I forgot where I was - it could've been Coventry in Cleveland or Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. But it's Walthamstow, because I just checked the bus stop outside. (the buses themselves tell me nothing - they're not those red double decker classics anymore)

I'd really hoped to get a US tour recap up here, and post some more photos. But we're back out touring the UK now so it'll have to wait a little while longer.

I hope I'll be writing from a slightly better world by then, with Obama having won the election. Then the memory of trying to do a soundcheck in a Los Angeles bar with the Republican convention blaring idiotically and aggressively from a TV will be cause for a wry reflection and not an image of the future.

I know there's a good fish and chips place down the street from here. Unless they've turned it into a Starbucks...