So Close

We were almost the proud owners of a new strimmer yesterday.

Standing in line at the Castorama, smug in the knowledge that our career as "those pesky neighbors who are always borrowing the lawn equipment" was just about to end, we got a nasty shock when the cashier told us how much we owed for the strimmer we'd chosen. It was twice what we'd thought.

We dragged the box back over to the lawn section and asked one of the assistants. It turns out we'd been looking at the price of a coupe bordure, suitable for just that, cutting borders, and what we really needed was the debroussailler for clearing lawns. The cost was enough to require some soul searching.

Because we've also been badly needing a more reliable keyboard - the Roland JX-8P has become more and more of a vintage keyboard lately, that is, something to be cherished and cared for, rather than flung or even placed very carefully into the back of the van. It's been losing notes and occasionally not working at all on stage.

A local music shop had just what we were looking for. At slightly more than the cost of the strimmer. Guess which one won?

I mean, we won't actually be here to see the knee high grass and weeds. And, in a couple of weeks I can always get out the old scythe. There's something very therapeutic about swinging that thing around while thinking `bout the IRS.