There are these little snacks in parts of Spain, called pinxto (I think) or pincho. Tiny bites - that's what everyone seems to eat. You sample a bit of everything, but how do you know when you've actually had a meal's worth of food?

That's how I'm experiencing this country. Zaragoza, Bilbao and now Madrid, over the course of a few days. The shows have been good, if a little odd - a small theatre, a meeting room for Bilbao lawyers, seriously, and an outdoor park last night for the CulturaPop fest, which was going great but the power kept cutting out. At one point we wondered why everyone was waving their arms wildly and clapping above their heads - we hadn't realized we were no longer going through the P.A! The audience was trying to tell us but also trying to keep the party going...

In Bilbao some nasty thief did a little "pincho" on the van - stealing only the GPS and Eric's mobile phone. The fool left behind a power drill, a nice assortment of vintage towels and a whole load of menopause vitamins and herbal supplements, luckily.

So we stopped north of Madrid at a Carrefour, just like the Carrefours (sort of like WalMart) in France, only with a massive selection of hams and louder-colored lingerie, to get a new navigation system. There we saw possibly the whole of the city stocking up for the weekend. Not the best introduction to a place! Since then we've had the luxury of the same hotel for a few days but from what I can see it looks like we're in...Queens?

We're off to find the Prado now. And something (and something else...and something else...) to eat.