Mom Puts Out Fresh Towels, Wipes Counter

I was in a cleaning frenzy over the weekend because company was coming. But this was no ordinary company - this was an esteemed journalist from a British newspaper.

I know I go about these things all wrong. Instead of cleaning the toilet, like the good half-Italian girl I am, I should be filling the tank with exotic fish. Why fret about the unkempt backyard - someone around here must have a few llamas we could rent?

Screw trying to look presentable - I should be popping on a turban, shoving a cigarette in a long holder, dabbing rouge onto my cheeks and pouring a tumbler of Scotch.

I mean, this guy has interviewed Hunter Thompson, Depardieu, Budd Schulberg. Eric is always entertaining but I am surely the most boring, disappointing interview around. I can't stop being a mom, making sure everyone's got a cup of juice or something. This is no way to build a myth!