I'm going through severe Ripley withdrawal today. Last night I reached the last page of The Talented Mr. Ripley, the first one in the series. I've done it kind of backwards, having read all the others first. Maybe it's a way to make it possible to go back and read the rest of the books again, then work my way back to the first, and on and on, so the ride never has to end.

I always feel like I need some kind of counseling when I've finished a Patricia Highsmith book, but particularly anything from the Ripley series.

With Tom Ripley, anything is possible! If someone pisses him off, or stands between him and what is rightfully his, or just acts like an oaf, there's always a very good reason to kill them. In the softest leather gloves.

Like I said, counseling...

I tried to get into this Alan Bennett book, The Uncommon Reader, this morning, and I know it's a good one, but it's too whimsical for me right now. I need some kind of chaser.

I found these books at a vide grenier the other day. Lord knows what any of them are about but I love those early 70's fabric covers. I think Ripley would approve.

70's books