Nothing To Wear

I've been in an eBay frenzy the past few days after realizing I have nothing to wear on this tour. And then I went to find some new glasses and the guy in the eyeglass place had to give me some water when he revealed what two pairs of progressifs (or varifocals) will cost. So how to find something to wear for practically nothing? New clothes are out of the question, and the depot ventes aren't much cheaper.

First I thought I could try to whip up a few items myself. Only I don't have a sewing machine. I got started laying out a pattern, just in case there might be time to run over to a friend's house and sew, but it's been such a long time since I sewed anything, even the laying out part is beyond me at the moment.

So, eBay. I've been hard at it - searching, watching, bidding, forgetting to bid, and finally winning a few low priced items. French eBay is hilarious with over the top descriptions ("Magnifique robe d'été!!"), and has the added benefit of increasing my vocabulary with each item. (Genou? Knee. Mollet? Calf) The harvest is just starting to roll in and (why is this surprising?) the first item is a bit of a dud. A cute red top in the photo, a good brand, nice fabric, but as I put it on the thing seemed to expand, growing until it was almost more of a knee length tunic with an elasticated hem. In other words, a red bubble. As I examine the photo, I can see very clearly how I screwed up - I should have gauged the distance from the armhole to the hem...and now, rereading the description, it clearly says "tunique".

Ah, well. Not that big of a loss for six euros including the postage, but I still don't have anything to wear.

A beach coverup! It makes a perfect beach coverup!

Only when, exactly, will I be going to the beach?

But there's always tomorrow's mail. I'm still waiting on a skirt, a dress, and a pair of trousers. I'm thinking if one of them actually fits and works as anything other than a "beach coverup" or something to cut the grass in, I'll be doing alright.

And if not, there's always the Red, White & Blue thrift shop in Pittsburgh.