Obligatory Snow Post


"I got the blues so bad, Clyde." We watched Bonnie & Clyde the other night. It gets better every time I see it.

Is there anyone who doesn't have the blues around now? We've barely been able to leave the house for the last five days. Until today we were pretty much stuck in the village and I felt myself feeling sad and empty, mostly because the good bakeries are all in the next village and fresh bread and pastries are what I live for. I thought of setting out on foot but figured it would end with Eric having to search for me and then stumbling onto a snowdrift and spotting a mittened hand clutching an icy baguette sticking out.


I did manage to take a very peaceful walk on Sunday when the sky cleared for an hour or two. I wanted to make sure one of our neighbors had enough to eat. I was happy to see that someone had brought provisions in for her.