hortensia before

Got to move things along from yesterday's post - I feel bad about sharing something like that, really. Not that this is one of those upbeat I Love France sites or vibrant artist with so many creative irons in the fire sites or anything (though sometimes I really wish it was. Life would be so much easier than how it is right now, which is knowing we need to move on, really looking forward to it, but wondering how the hell to make it all happen.) The truth is whatever the writer feels like putting out there, right? So today I want to celebrate deadheading.

I took advice from our friend Mick who's coming by to do some recording tomorrow. He said it was a good time to cut back the hydrangeas, or hortensia, which grow like crazy in the summer and fill the courtyard with luminescent flower balls.

It was so satisfying, attacking these things. They were six and seven feet high in places, all brown and sad-looking. Now they've got crew cuts. Ready to be reborn in spring, to come back more lush and beautiful than ever.

And I've got a new blog post. There - that feels better!

hortensia after