Back When We Were Young

columbia by amyrigby
columbia, a photo by amyrigby on Flickr.

My brother John took this photo down in Columbia, SC back what feels like 2 years ago - it was actually a month ago today and since then we've traveled back to the Northeast, out to California, up to the Northwest, down to San Diego. We're in the middle of California right now in beautiful Paso Robles, getting ready to play a winery.

I keep hoping I'll have time to sit down and write something but it is just driving and playing, with some eating and sleeping thrown in there. We are having a swell time! At the same time I can't believe there's another two weeks til we go home. And somewhere in there I really do intend to write about our travels, at least the eating part cause I never forget a meal.

Another two weeks - here's the dates:
Sun Oct 21 Los Angeles - Mount Analog 4 PM
Fri Oct 26 Austin TX - Jax Cafe 10 PM
Sat Oct 27 Dallas TX - Allgood Cafe
Sun Oct 28 Memphis TN - Burke's Books 7 PM
Tue Oct 30 Chicago IL - Reckless 6 PM
Fri Nov 2 Rochester NY - house concert
Sat Nov 3 Ithaca NY - The Nines