I Can Do This

I think I'm ready. It's taken a few weeks of preparation - quiet study and physical training.

Not like I've never been there before. I'll probably know most of the people.

Got an outfit to wear: low-key, practical but not too dowdy.

Cleaned my glasses - I'll need those. Never know who might show up. I've got to be able to see, use good judgement. Don't want to get arrested.

Bra with straps that don't keep slipping down - check.

Hand cream - check.

British Girl Groups and Kris Kristofferson albums - check. (can't risk having to listen to Kate Bush or Bjork all night.)

It's not going to be like back when I was sent packing from that dive Nightingales after six pathetic hours.

I've traveled a lot of miles since then.

I can do this.

Friday night bartender.