May, She Will Play

I never got a handle on April. I think I spent the whole month trying to recover from England. Then it was taxes. After that a nice visit from Linda Pitmon and Steve Wynn - I love being back in the New York area for proximity to some of my favorite people and great musicians to boot. Then Newfoundland loomed and I was getting ready to go away again. Then it was getting over Newfoundland, a surprising place I don't have the energy to describe.

I've worked a few times at the Spotty Dog, show nights where polite young bands from places like Burlington and Brooklyn played and there's no pressure except to pour some beer and tidy up after. I've also done a few shifts sorting books for the big children's book festival this Saturday. Sorting takes place in the bowels of the junior/senior high school and it reminds me how all the other jobs I do are a piece of cake. And how much it sucks to be in high school.

College isn't so bad - Eric and I went to speak and play for our friend Holly George-Warren's class at SUNY and that was fun.

garden centerSome recording and writing, working on the house and clearing dead branches. I even managed to get a few herbs and flowers for the garden and have avoided poison ivy so far - better prepared than last year.

Spent too much time on Facebook - yes, writing this is a grim admission that in April Facebook had its claws in me good . What with Margaret Thatcher dying and the Boston Marathon bombing and George Jones passing away...well there was so much to read and post and comment on.

Got to see Steve Earle play the other night. My first husband Will (Eric pointed out that if I keep referring to Will as my "ex-husband", what does that make Eric?) plays drums in the band. Enjoyed the show and had a nice visit with Will.

Booking and self-promotion - there are more shows coming. In fact, it occurred to me yesterday we're starting another tour in a few days. This one is only 2 weeks but a lot of driving, which reminds me we better change the oil in the van.

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - A Working Museum on tour (more info here)

  • Sun May 5 - Stony Brook LI    University Cafe  7 PM
  • Wed May 8 - Rochester NY      Lovin Cup
  • Fri May 10 - Chicago IL           Schubas (early show 7:30 PM)
  • Sat May 11 - Manitowoc WI     Music Without Boundaries
  • Mon May 13 - Winnipeg, MB     StuDome
  • Tue May 14 - Winnipeg, MB      StuDome
  • Thu May 16 - Omaha, NE        The Slowdown
  • Fri May 17 - St. Louis MO        Off Broadway
  • Sun May 26 - Baltimore, MD    An Die Musik   5 PM show