Summer's Greatest Hits

A year ago, Eric and I spent the summer putting out our third record A Working Museum (still burning up the imaginary charts and available here). This past summer was different - working on things non-music related like the house and yard, me trying to finish a book and Eric doing his paintings with the occasional musical foray. There have been loads of visitors and we've been to concerts and cookouts and I've had fun filling in at the bookstore/bar a lot; even managed a couple of hikes. There is so much to do here! Aside from visiting my daughter in Chicago, I've been home and feel lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world that people flock to in the summer. But now it's back to business. I've fallen behind with the blog so a quick summer photo recap so I can clear the decks and move forward!

A list of the summer's best (not pictured - Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express rocking in Hudson; Ian McLagan in Woodstock; Sherry Rich & Rick Plant in Hudson with Two Guys opening and our mutual pal & annual visitor the gorgeous Miriam Johnson)

wheelbarrowManaged to plant a few flowers and bought a lawn mower.

mr. kristofferson's busLurked outside Kris Kristofferson's bus after his great show in Tarrytown.

creeksideHung out at this marina on the Catskill Creek - like having a boat without the work.

maxwell'sSaid goodbye to Maxwell's (sniff)...

shuggie sketchSaw Shuggie Otis rock a lunchtime plaza. When he let loose I threw down the pad and joined the rush to the stage - a holy experience. esoteric chairs

Friends Julia, Dan & Russell showed up with these wonderful chairs begging to be lounged in by a gang of existentialists. (In the corner of the photo you can see the Hammond we dragged outside...Hammond lovers please know it was sitting by some train tracks when we found it, it doesn't work, Eric salvaged the working parts, no viable Hammond was harmed in the making of this yard was hell moving it out there and that's where it's staying)

men in shirtsEric and I went to see Nick Lowe (with Kim Richey opening) in Hudson & down-the-road neighbor Graham Parker showed up too. What about a Trio type album from these 3? The 3 Tenners? hazel at millenium parkI visited my girl Hazel in Chicago & we went to hear free jazz in Millenium Park.rainbo stage

Hazel bought mommy a beer at Rainbo where my old group The Shams once played brunch at lula

I've been trying to lose weight since July but couldn't resist Lula brunch.mystery spot by laura levine

The end of the season - Laura Levine hosted me and Eric for a porch concert at her Mystery Spot vintage store in beautiful Phoenicia NY. (Chris Butler joined us on tambourine but he's not visible in this lovely photo, taken by Laura) Torrential rain all day except for the 45 minutes we played. It felt great to sing and play for people.

Okay, back to work.