Be Cool

I saw the display, bright and beckoning and immediately thought "Not for me." Who wouldn't want a gallon of Tropicana orange juice not from concentrate for $4? In the middle of winter?

But our fridge, I thought. That blasted dorm fridge. It's already got a carton of almond milk, a container of yogurt and packet of tortellini. No way will that big container fit in there -

And then it hit me - we are now the proud owners of a full-sized refrigerator! It arrived yesterday. Yes, Eric is having to rebuild half the kitchen around it but it will be worth it. As full-fledged Americans, we have arrived.

refrigerator door

In the UK and Europe, small fridges are the norm, and we lived happily with one in France. But it was designed to do more than keep a supply of beer above room temperature. In America, a good under-counter fridge/freezer costs thousands. We've made do for over two years but it's time to join in. Maybe we can stop spending half our time running to the store - who knows what masterpieces will be created with all those extra hours?

As I whirled around the store, packages seemed to call out to me from every cooler shelf and display: seltzer, that can be kept cold! Sour cream. Meats, cheeses. Salad leaves to go in - the crisper.

The freezer section - what would it be like, I wondered, my nose pressed against the ice cream section, to have a pint or two in the freezer at home, just in case the mood strikes?  I remembered my shame at our local little country market, when the owner's wife suggested I try the organic ice cream from a nearby dairy farm.

"I can't," I said sadly. "See, we have this tiny fridge and the freezer doesn't really work..."

"Why, you're Amy, of Eric & Amy!" she said. "I've been to your house, for one of your Homemade Aeroplane house concerts!" Her voice softened. "I've seen that fridge."

No more looks of pity.  We're having another concert this Saturday. There are a few tickets left.  Come for the music! Stay for the ice cubes.

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby's Homemade Aeroplane