Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
"...though there are only two of them, this is truly a rock band. A compelling study in contrasts, the pair make something that is its own powerful entity, different than either one of them on their own."  David Greenburger, Metroland

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby have been performing and recording together since 2006, releasing three critically-acclaimed albums and touring the US, UK and Europe. He is the British pop genius of Stiff Records' fame whose classic "Whole Wide World" is covered in basements and stadiums around the world; she a long-time NYC songwriter and musician best known for her album "Diary Of A Mod Housewife" and Underground Garage favorite "Dancing With Joey Ramone."

Eric & Amy's latest album, "A Working Museum," came out in late 2012 on their own Southern Domestic label. 

The eleven original tunes on A Working Museum, written separately and together by Eric & Amy, were recorded during their epic relocation from Europe to America last year. The stories and the sounds on the disc pile up in layers – improvisations, personal histories, psychedelic interludes, the threat of disco, Amy playing a dodgy Crumar Insta-Piano, Eric manipulating the sound as it went down, the past tumbling out of a box in a storage space, amplifiers in the kitchen, guitar shredding, singing, silly dancing, sombreros, age and innocence.

“We could be a diorama in the Museum Of Natural History, only instead of laying out blankets and cooking over a fire, or fighting off wild animals, we’re making records and fueling up the van, coiling guitar cables and trying to get clubs to spell our name right. We’ve called the album A Working Museum because, after a combined seventy years in the music business, that’s what we are. It's better than being referred to as “a Heritage Act “- heritage acts present themselves as the embalmed remnants of a bygone era. We try to keep moving."

“There's something unnatural (though hopefully not undignified) about people our age making pop music and hacking round the club circuit, but that's what we do. We both started out during the punk era and continue to embrace the DIY ethic. As with our other two records, we recorded this album in our own studio, and played all the instruments ourselves. Except that this time we had some help from Chris Butler (The Waitresses) who played drums on several tracks.”

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Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby  

“A triumph of an album.” MOJO

“ It was warm, it was funny, it was sharp, it was intense...and very possibly one of the best gigs I've been to in recent years.” Word Magazine

“ ...like golden honey poured over a battered old tube amp.” Los Angeles Times

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"...their loopy, layered approach, keenly turning conventional boy/girl pop-group convention on ear, sinks in deep." UNCUT

"The static-riddled spiritedness highlights their individual quirks as well as the easy chemistry between the pair." Pitchfork

"...an avant-garde Johnny and June." Houston Presslic
"A Working Museum is a stunner... a perfect blend of Goulden’s ragged D.I.Y. punk and low-fi electro instrumentation with Rigby’s undeniable sense for pop melodies. The result is a blissfully unpredictable trip." Asbury Park Press
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“One of rock’s most unlikely, and most delightful, musical pairings, Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, return to play songs from their third album together, “A Working Museum,” which was released about a month ago. The grizzled English rocker and the smooth-singing New Yorker, a married couple, wrote all the songs on the new record, some separately and some in collaboration. It’s another strong fusion of pop styles and textures from the immensely likable duo.” 

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