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amy rigby
Stare Kits NYC/Last Roundup "Twister" 1987/The Shams in Williamsburgh 93 (photo Ted Barron)/Diary/Nashville/Amy & Hazel/Harmony (photo Jeff Higgott)/Eric&Amy (photo Karen Hibberd)
Latest Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby album "A Working Museum" is now available on CD + LP & download
photo by Eric Goulden
Little Fugitive is back in stock here
4 stars in Q magazine - review
 Leaving on a jet plane...
Eric & Amy accompany spoken word siren Karen Schoemer as The Schoemer Formation, in the tradition of the Doors, Suicide and Two Lone Swordsmen: Fri Apr 25 at BSP Lounge in Kingston, NY
(w/Purple K'nif) & Sat Apr 26 Low Beat, Albany, NY
Party time! Amy joins Wreckless Eric for his 60th birthday show in London - Sat May 17 at the Lexington