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amy rigby
Stare Kits NYC/Last Roundup "Twister" 1987/The Shams in Williamsburgh 93 (photo Ted Barron)/Diary/Nashville/Amy & Hazel/Harmony (photo Jeff Higgott)/Eric&Amy (photo Karen Hibberd)
Latest Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby album "A Working Museum" is now available on CD + LP & download
100 Club photos by Lindsay Hutton
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby supported our hero Ian Hunter & The Rant Band for a few shows in the US back in November - read about it here and here.
All The Young Dudes in Durham, NC - photo by Tamara Guo
I survived the first show of my month-long residency! Now on to #2. These are my first solo shows in almost a decade, every Thursday in May at HiFi Bar in NYC. 
Michael Shelley had me on his long-running WFMU radio show last Saturday. It was a swell chat, archived here
Action photo from first HiFi Bar show by Finn Miller